You Are Powerful Beyond Measure

Are you ready to ignite magick? {Our next INITIATION live experience begins Oct. 24}

Through out this series, it is our mission to guide you in the awakening and development of your highest self and sacred powers. You are powerful beyond measure. Isn't it time to claim your divine right, and know your highest potential? As intuitive healers Cindy & Jen weave their magickal influences into this course with energetic clearings to help eliminate the barriers that keep you stuck. We introduce practices to add to your magickal tool box, for growing your intuition, developing your gifts, guiding your empathic skills and awakening your powers to create the life that you want. We pull from different traditions so that you can learn modern and ancient ways for unlocking your own unique blend of magick. The purpose is for you to gain creative mastery over your life. If you are ready to thrive as your most magickal self, we are here to support, teach, encourage and guide you. Cindy and Jen have extensive experience to navigate you on your path.
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No Need To Go At It Alone

It's common to feel lost, overwhelmed or misunderstood through the awakening process. Let us guide you, from initiation to integration (and beyond), on your path of magickal discoveries. ⚡ BONUS: Our courses include energy clearing sessions, live calls, along with a private Facebook group for continued discussion and support. Begin when you like and go at your own pace.

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Cindy Olah

Senior Instructor

Cindy Olah is owner of Sacred Garden Yoga, facilitator of Yoga of the Heart teacher training and creator of the Sacred Alchemy {Live, Love, Thrive} program. She’s a shadow worker, story teller, yoga teacher and keeper of the Dark Mothers. As a spiritual entrepreneur for over 15 years, she affirms in herself and in others that it’s “OK for you to be YOU and have everything that you want.”

Jen KatFyre Piceno

Senior Instructor - Shamanic Counselor - Healer - Priestess - Reiki Double Master

Jen Piceno is known as a powerful "Path-Changer" and Activator of Change & Transformation. You'll quickly feel she is heart centered and rooted in ancient sacred mysteries. Her private practice {Gypsy Moon Inc} is a business designed to heal the past, awaken magic and mystery, and bring fulfillment into peoples lives through soulful discoveries, experiential ceremonies and creative processes. Jen offers healing sessions and programs with a unique blend of modalities that uncover core issues, dissolve limitations, and awaken authentic desires. You'll notice she adds a edgy modern twist to soulful magick making. She supports students in their pursuit for freedom and a guides them into living a more vibrant fulfilled life by freeing old beliefs, patterns, wounds & traumas. Jen is eclectic and thrives on cultural wisdom from many different traditions. She takes you exactly to the place that needs healing and enables you to see your truth in its purest, most raw form. Jen is a way shower who leads people into their highest potential. Jen Piceno is a fierce change-maker who stirs things up and initiates others through her writing {book coming soon}, public speaking, ceremonies, and events. Learn More: